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Eastland - Regional Demographics

Eastland’s Regional Economy
Regional Key Economic Indicators
Regional Employment
Regional Gross Real Product
Regional Industry Clusters
Eastland County Regional Outlook
Eastland County’s Retail Outlook – Gross Retail Sales

  • Physical Features - Hilly, rolling; sandy loam soils; drains to Leon River forks;

  • Recreation - Golf and fishing, Lake Leon, Lake Cisco; water sports; hunting; festivals; historic sites and displays.

  • Minerals - Production of oil, gas, stone, clays, sand, and gravel.

  • Agriculture - Peanuts top crop, fed beef and dairy cattle, turkeys also big revenue producers, hogs also raised, emus introduced; 19,0000 acres irrigated, mostly peanuts, some hay, melons and vegetables.

  • Business - Agribusiness; education, petroleum industries, varied manufacturing.

Major Communities include

  • Eastland
        ٠ County Seat
        ٠ Manufacturing plants make various goods
        ٠ Agribusiness
        ٠ Printing
        ٠ Medical Health Center
        ٠ Hospital
        ٠ Nursing Home

  • Cisco
        ٠ Cisco Junior College

  • Ranger
        ٠ Ranger Junior College

  • Carbon

  • Desdemona

  • Gorman

  • Rising Star


Eastland’s Regional Economy

The Abilene Metropolitan Statistical Area (Taylor County) and Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Comanche, Eastland, Fisher, Haskell, Jones, Kent, Knox, Mitchell, Nolan, Runnels, Scurry, Shackelford, Stephens, Stonewall, and Throckmorton counties comprise the West Central Texas COG. Major industries include oil and gas field services and agribusiness and feedlots, as well as education, which is provided by the three private universities and one private junior college. Dyess Air Force Base also makes a significant contribution to the regional economy.

Nearly eight out of every ten workers in the Abilene MSA are employed in the services, trade, and government sectors, with services comprising approximately 35% of the total number of jobs.

The Regional Outlook

Directions for Growth


Regional Key Economic Indicators


Regional Employment


Regional Gross Real Product


Regional Industry Clusters

Clusters listed are based on industry linkage and cluster analysis, occupational workforce requirements and availability, support requirements, and a comprehensive evaluation of future industrial prospects.

   Information Services
   Distribution, Transportation, and Logistics
   Heavy Construction
   Production Support Manufacturing
   Agricultural and Food


Eastland County Regional Outlook

First, the County’s population growth has been sporadic since 1970 as shown in the Chart. At the time of the 2000 Census, the County was home to 18,297 residents, which represented a 0.5% increase over 1970’s population. The Texas Comptroller forecasts that the County’s population will increase to 18,726 by 2010 and 19,091 by 2020.

Second, median household income levels in Eastland County increased significantly between 1990 and 2000. Eastland residents enjoy $26,832 in annual household income. This represents a 70% increase in income since 1990! Additionally, the City of Eastland has an even higher level of household income--$28,277.


Eastland County’s Retail Outlook – Gross Retail Sales

Gross retail sales growth has fluctuated somewhat since 1992. However, at the current levels the County’s retail sales have increased 75% since 1992. Average outlet growth in the area declined during the same period (0.7%), meaning that there are fewer stores competing the resident’s spending.

When looking at retail sales in Eastland County, we consider each community’s contribution to total gross sales. In other words, which towns dominate the retail market within the County? The Chart illustrates the main contributors to the County’s sales.

The Chart shows where the majority of the retail outlets are concentrated around the County. It is obvious that the City of Eastland is the County’s retail hub. The City of Eastland accounts for 32% of all outlets and 55% of all retail sales in Eastland County.
Additionally, Eastland serves as a regional purchasing hub for a multi-county region.


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