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Eastland Economic Development Corporation
Eastland City Hall
113 E. Commerce Street
Eastland, Texas  76448

Phone: (254) 629-8321




Eastland City Demographics

The City of Eastland is located in Eastland County in Central Texas, bordered
on the east by Erath County, on the north by Stephens and Palo Pinto counties, on the west by Callahan County, and on the south by Brown and Comanche counties. The County was named for Capt. William Mosby Eastland, who died in the Texas Revolution. Eastland, the county seat, is located on Interstate Highway 20 in the north central part of the county, some ninety five miles west of Fort Worth and fifty five miles east of Abilene. Eastland's current population base is estimated at 3,733.



Eastland Demographics





Eastland Employment and Work Sector

Eastland depends on the trade and services sectors. Eastland has a sizeable manufacturing and construction sector base which boosts local income levels

The City of Eastland is committed to raising employment levels in the area, and has targeted “higher paying” job opportunities for it’s citizens. Eastland has quality air and no traffic congestion.

Eastland has a large available employee base, supplemented by a multi-county drawing area. In addition, companies in Eastland have access to additional highly skilled workers located in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. Texas is a right-to-work state with only 7% of all workers unionized. Only three other states have fewer unionized workers than Texas.


Travel Time to Eastland and
Average Commute Times

Eastland is strategically located on Interstate 20 mid-range between Abilene and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, which allows excellent just-in-time delivery to Southwest markets. Additionally, Eastland’s regional retail sector is poised for steady growth.

No location between El Paso and Dallas offers better market growth potential than Eastland!

Nearby counties moving toward Eastland at lighting pace:
(Estimated growth rate percentages
over past 10 years)

Brown (Brownwood) 10%
Wise (Decatur) 40.7%
Hood (Granbury) 41.8%
Johnson (Cleburne) 30.5%
Palo Pinto (Mineral Wells) 7.9%
Parker (Weatherford)

Eastland residents work in the local area, as average commute time is 13.5 minutes.
Much lower than other surrounding cities.



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